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About ISEA

Statistical engineering is the discipline dedicated to engineering solutions to problems of a statistical nature, particularly to large, complex, and unstructured problems. The objectives of ISEA are to advance the theory and practice of statistical engineering, including its insertion into academic curricula, and to enhance the professional qualifications and standing among its members. These high-level objectives of ISEA are intended to encompass the following:

  • To promote unity, effectiveness of effort and ethical professional conduct among those who devote themselves to the theory and practice of statistical engineering.
  • To provide for the creation of conferences, conventions and other meetings of its members for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the development, application, and use of statistical engineering principles.
  • To create and disseminate a body of knowledge for statistical engineering.
  • To facilitate the proper inclusion of statistical engineering in statistical and other professional publications, including textbooks.


ISEA Vision Statement is in progress. We welcome input from our members.


ISEA Mission Statement is in progress. We welcome input from our members.

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