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Welcome to the International Statistical Engineering Association (ISEA) webpage! We are the global society dedicated to advancing the emerging discipline of statistical engineering. We are extremely happy that you have reached out to learn more about us.

See information on statistical engineering to the right and download the flyer to learn more about ISEA.

We are a rapidly emerging discipline that has started an important journey. We sincerely hope that you will join us on this exciting adventure!

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      ISEA now has its own YouTube Channel, where you can view past webinars and other educational videos about Statistical Engineering. Currently, there are two playlists Why is Statistical Engineering Important and Use cases, where we will be adding more in the coming months. Check out the channel, subscribe, comment on the content (including recommendations for future content), and set notifications to be updated when new videos are posted.


      The ISEA LinkedIn group is now open to the public. Here you will find educational materials as well as information on upcoming events where you can learn more about statistical engineering. Please feel free to join the group and the conversation. 


      Did you miss the May 1 DataWorks webinar that featured three Statistical Engineering talks?  Geoff Vining from Virginia Tech started off the webinar with a presentation entitled “The Role of Statistical Engineering in Creating Solutions for Complex Opportunities.”  Two case studies also showed the application of statistical engineering in different settings.  Adam Pintar from NIST shared “Statistical Engineering for Service Life Prediction of Polymers” and Jim Simpson of JK Analytics presented “Sequential Testing and Simulation Validation for Autonomous Systems.”

      Geoff’s talk introduced statistical engineering as an approach for solving problems with unstructured, messy, and usually large datasets.  The presentation helps explain what statistical engineering is, the phases of the process, and the personnel involved (i.e. the need for subject matter experts).  He also described how important leadership, teamwork, and other people skills are for the statistical engineer, in addition to technical expertise, to be effective in this role.   

      Geoff included details about the first university course focused on Statistical Engineering, which he taught at Virginia Tech to graduate and undergraduate students this spring. 

      His slides are available at

      Want to know more?  Check out the recording at


      This book, by Roger Hoerl and Ron Snee, utilizes a state-of-the-art approach to teaching introductory business statistics, which has been tested for more than eight years in the classroom.  It fills an important void, one that many have been concerned about for some time.

      Download the full abstract here

      A series of webinars the 3rd week of each month, Sep-Nov, 10 - 12:00 pm EDT (4 - 6 pm pm CET)

      First Webinar: September 17, 2020Bringing Statistical Engineering to Life via Case Studies 

      Second WebinarOctober 22, 2020: Statistical Engineering Case Studies:  University Experiences.

      Register Now:  

      Third Webinar: November 19, 2020 Statistical Engineering: What It Is, What It Is Not, and How it Relates to Other Disciplines – A Member’s Perspective

      Case Studies

      Using Statistical Engineering in Solving Pharmaceutical and Biotech Problems by Ron Snee

      The North America Competitive Product Laundry Initiative by Sol Escobar, Cindy Rodenberg, and Alex Varbanov

      Multilevel Process Monitoring: A Case Study to Predict Student Success by Leo C.E. Huberts and Ronald J.M.M. Does 

      More case studies are in the process of being documented.  Check back at year end.  Case studies are also posted on  members only page.

      If interested in writing a statistical engineering case study  please contact Angie Patterson .

      2021 DATAWORKS 

       Mark your calendars now for DATAWorks 2021, scheduled for April 12-14, 2021.

      2020 DATAWorks recorded sessions are available HERE

      What is statistical Engineering?

      The study of systematic integration of statistical concepts, methods, and tools, often with other relevant disciplines, to solve important problems sustainably.

      WhY statistical Engineering?

      Problem solvers are faced with enormous problems such as: lower cost healthcare, cleaner environment and globally competitive manufacturing. A cohesive body of knowledge for solving such problems is lacking. Collection and analysis of high quality, relevant data is critical to success. Big Data approaches are useful but not sufficient. Statistical Engineering provides the integration needed to fill the gap. The need for Statistical Engineering educational programs and increased published applications of the discipline is vital and urgent.

      For more information, join ISEA and gain access to the Handbook of Statistical Engineering, case studies, and other publications by thought leaders.



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