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Welcome to the International Statistical Engineering Association (ISEA) webpage! We are the global society dedicated to advancing the emerging discipline of statistical engineering. We are extremely happy that you have reached out to learn more about us.

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In a quick nutshell, statistical engineering is the discipline dedicated to the art and science of solving complex problems that require data and data analysis. The more challenging of these problems truly keep senior organizational leaders awake at night. These problems almost always are unstructured and typically large, crossing several disciplines. These problems typically come unstructured and thus usually look like a “mess.” The key is how to provide enough definition and structure to create a reasonable solution path to a truly sustainable solution.

Our discipline provides guidance to develop appropriate strategies to produce sustainable solutions. It discusses which statistical and analytic tools/methods are appropriate depending on the circumstances, and it outlines how to create sustainable solutions efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, statistical engineering is the discipline that helps practitioners determine “the right tool for the right job at the right time, properly applied.”

We are a rapidly emerging discipline that has started an important journey. We sincerely hope that you will join us on this exciting adventure!

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ISEA now has its own YouTube Channel, where you can view past webinars and other educational videos about Statistical Engineering. Currently, there are two playlists Why is Statistical Engineering Important and Use cases, where we will be adding more in the coming months. Check out the channel, subscribe, comment on the content (including recommendations for future content), and set notifications to be updated when new videos are posted.


We held our first annual Summit on October 1st and 2nd in West Palm Beach in conjunction with the Fall Technical Conference. The proceedings are available for download.


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Our second annual fall summit occurred in Gaithersburg, MD from September 23-24, 2019, and was co-located with the Fall Technical Conference. The program schedule included panel discussions, case studies, networking opportunities, and more. 

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The ISEA LinkedIn group is now open to the public. Here you will find educational materials as well as information on upcoming events where you can learn more about statistical engineering. Please feel free to join the group and the conversation. 

ENBIS Spring Meeting 2019
Organized with ISEA

The European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS) Spring Meeting will be organized together with ISEA. It will take place on June 13th and 14th 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, and is hosted by UPC|BarcelonaTech. Register at

Aim of Meeting

Statistical engineering pursues the systematic study of how to solve complex problems using data. As the problems to be solved are complex, the solution often requires the integration of different approaches: statistical concepts and tools, but also other knowledge from relevant disciplines. The aim of the meeting is discussing on the emerging discipline of statistical engineering. The following questions will be explored:

  • What is statistical engineering, and why it is the right time for it?
  • Why is statistical engineering different from applied statistics or data science?
  • How did the idea originate and evolve?
  • What are some case studies of statistical engineering?
  • What's in it for European professionals and companies?

Structure of Meeting

Several keynotes will give presentations during Thursday and Friday mornings, followed by discussants. Contributed papers will be presented on Thursday afternoon. Of course, there'll also be time for informal discussions and networking.

Call for abstracts!

Submissions are accepted from 15 January – 15 April 2019. Topics of substantial interest include:

  • Applications of statistical engineering to real problems
  • Strategies for approaching complex problems with data
  • Development of the underlying theory of integration of multiple methodologies
  • Case studies on working together in interdisciplinary teams to solve complex problems
  • Case studies and discussions on the role of the scientific method in solving actual complex problems
  • Discussions on how statistical engineering can enhance data science
  • Discussions of the role of historical data and observational studies in statistical engineering
  • Discussions on how to create sustainable solutions

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