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Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Dynamically Targeting Customers.

  • 28 Feb 2024
  • 10:30 AM

Title: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Dynamically Targeting Customers.

Presenters: Rachel Silvestrini and Stephanie Chen

Time: Wednesday, Feb 28th at 10:30 am EST/4:30PM CET

Abstract: In this webinar, we will discuss how to translate complex business or societal problems into actionable analytics questions. We will use a case study on dynamic customer targeting to illustrate our approach of starting from the “so-what” decision or project outcome. This shift enabled us to break a complex business problem into manageable statistical and analytics tasks. This framework of smaller analytics problems allowed our team to quickly build an end-to-end solution that could be easily scaled and adapted across the company.

During the talk we will provide a brief introduction to the Pharma Commercial landscape and challenges we face. We will then address the business question and how we worked backwards from the decision/outcome. Then we will cover our predictive solutions (quantifying and predicting customer ‘opportunity’) and prescriptive solutions (‘influenceability’ and optimization). Through our discussion, we'll highlight key insights and learnings gained from this work.

Rachel’s Bio: Rachel Silvestrini is the Vice President of Business Insights and Analytics (BI&A) at Eli Lilly and Company. She leads the high performing BI&A team to deliver analytical insights and cutting-edge AI solutions that drive business decisions and impact in the commercial space. Her team consists of data engineers, data analyst, data scientists, ML engineers, and business integrators. Prior to joining Eli Lilly and Company, Rachel was an Associate Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. She holds a PhD and MS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. Outside of work, Rachel is a full time cook, driver, and cheerleader for her four active children. She also likes to read, garden, and hike when time permits.

Stephanie’s Bio: Stephanie Chen is currently a Senior Director of Business Insights and Analytics - Data Science at Eli Lilly and Company. Her team of 30+ data scientists, ML engineers, and data engineers support Lilly’s sales and marketing organization using statistical and AI/ML models. Before joining Lilly in 2019, Stephanie earned a PhD in Statistics from North Carolina State University and a BS in Ecology from the University of Michigan. Stephanie enjoys problem-solving using analytics and loves seeing her team’s work translate into data-driven decisions across Lilly. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys hiking, photography, and nature – ideally at the same time!

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