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What is Statistical Engineering?

The study of systematic integration of statistical concepts, methods, and tools, often with other relevant disciplines, to solve important problems sustainably.

Why Statistical Engineering?

  • Problem solvers are faced with enormous problems such as; Lower cost healthcare, cleaner environment and globally competitive manufacturing.
  • Cohesive body of knowledge for solving such problems is lacking.
  • Collection and analysis of high quality, relevant data is critical to success.
  • Big Data approaches are useful but not sufficient
  • Statistical Engineering provides the integration needed to fill the gap. 
  • Need for Statistical Engineering educational programs and increased published applications of the discipline is vital and urgent.

Core Processes Utilized in Statistical Engineering 

  • Data acquisition, including surveys and experiments
  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Model building
  • Drawing inferences (learning) from models
  • Solution deployment and sustainability

Benefits of Statistical Engineering

  • More effective problem solving
  • Discipline that can be learned, utilized and enhanced
  • Better, more effective use of data
  • Sustainability of solutions and results
  • Broader understanding and utility of statistical thinking and methods

For more information watch: JMP Analytically Speaking with Roger Hoerl

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